Episode 4.1: Rethinking Sodom: The Bible and Queer Sexuality

It’s time to grab your chocolate again, as in this episode (which is a cutout from last week’s binegativity episode), Bethany talks about everything that is wrong with all of us disgusting (homo/bi/pan/a/…) sexual humans – according to religious bigots. But don’t despair! She then deconstructs everything and tells these zealots why THEY are wrong. If you need good arguments against scripture-based queernegativity and if you want to listen to Beth butchering Greek words, to Liz swearing and to Bea not knowing the names of the articles she quotes and making jokes that nobody finds funny, you need this episode. You’re welcome.



Halperin, David. “How to do the History of Male Homosexuality.” In: GLQ. A Journal of Lesbian and Gay Studies. Volume 6, Number 1, 2000. p. 87-123.

-> info on the terms discussed in the episode and how different conceptualizations of sexuality/sexualities feed into our modern-day understanding. the focus here is on male sexuality. If you find the article interesting and want to read more on the subject, we suggest Halperin’s with the same title: http://press.uchicago.edu/ucp/books/book/chicago/H/bo3631697.html

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