About Us

She Who Persisted. The Nasty Podcast. is a biweekly feminist podcast hosted by Elizabeth Schreiber-Byers (located in the US) and Beatrice Frasl (located in Austria). We combine thorough research with sarcasm and chocolate. Lots of chocolate. We talk about everything and anything relevant to feminism (=everything) from politics to mythology to popculture to health to reproductive rights to LGBTIQ issues. You can listen to SWP on your favorite podcast app. #staynasty


Bea and Liz (aswell all Heather and Beth, our former co-hosts) met at a conference in Oxford, UK on the subject of “Evil Women”. We’ve forever been interested in the subject of nasty ladies, you guys.


Beatrice currently lives in Vienna, Austria, where she is a Ph.D. student at the University of Vienna. She earned her MA in English and American Studies and Gender Studies and us now writing her dissertation on the subject of heteronormativity, the construction of Otherness and femininities in Disney’s animated feature films. She is particularly interested in villainesses and the Monstrous Feminine. Before she started her as yet unsuccessful academic “career” she also – equally unsuccessfully – studied jazz vocals.

Girl generally likes doing things with her voice. Like singing, speaking or using it for the greater feminist good.

Hobbies also include eating, sleeping, the repeating thereof plus everything macabre.

This is precisely why, in light of recent political developments, she also recently decided to start an Austria-specific feminist podcast called Große Töchter

Beatrice furthermore frequently writes articles, commentary and blogposts for the austrian queer/feminist blog “sugarbox” (see “Sideprojects”) and presents papers, gives lectures and keynotes on subjects relating to her research.

Bea also has a cat named Moni, who is not only a frequent guest on the show (or all of her shows) but also has an instagram-account, because she is a catboss: https://www.instagram.com/moni_the_kittycat/


Elizabeth has a PhD in Germanic Languages and Literatures and works as a college professor in the US. Her research explores the intersection of sexuality, gender, and power in literature of the long nineteenth century. A graduate of a women’s college she surrounds herself with friends and perSisters interested in smashing the patriarchy and creating spaces of equality and justice.


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